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Table of Contents:
Section 1: atWar News
Section 2: Community Update
Section 3: Funny Video
Section 4: Tournament Update
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atWar News
This week began with the first rounds of numerous tournaments commencing, including the 1v1 5K, Ancient World Westm and the Master of Europe tournaments. These can be found in the tournaments sub-section of the forum.
On the competitive side of the game, Epic Clan hold first place on the leader board by a significant margin, followed by Mystics and Enigma who are very close. The Aristokrats lost multiple members this week, leaving the future of the clan uncertain. Will this once great clan return to its former glory?

Community Update
This week, we've got to speak with Sascha, leader from Mystics. He is not very known in community, so we wanted to hear his voice about his clan, and general state of atWar.

[pr] Pavle: ●Sascha: Sascha, as one of Mystics leaders, what do you personally think about Mystics as coalition?
[pr] ●Sascha: Since i have a long history with mystics its the place where my friends are and a lot nice people who love playing atwar
[pr] Pavle: ●Sascha: Yeah, but, current mystics formation wasn't in mystics for long time, most of old mystics members are inactive, not even checking game, what do you think about present situation and formation of your clan?
[pr] ●Sascha: we got strong and active players for cws which can compete with other top coalitons so there is nothing i worry about and i'm happy with the situation
[pr] Pavle: ●Sascha: Can Mystics win this season?
[pr] ●Sascha: wont be easy since there are other strong clans but we definitely have a chance if we improve our teamplay
[pr] Pavle: ●Sascha: Does your clan accept low ranks? Problem with competetive scene is that most of the players are ranks about ten, it got really hard for low rank to start competetive.
[pr] ●Sascha: we tried to find some but we had some issus before with other people who used alts to join us. After we found out the guys got kicked. Its kinda hard to find good low ranks which arent a alt and really want to learn something.
[pr] Pavle: ●Sascha: okay, one final question, what is your opinion on situation of AtWar currently?
[pr] ●Sascha: this is a topic where you can say everything because we dont exactly know whats going on with ivan and amok and when they will return. At the moment atwar is a bit stucked but i hope the best for the future so lets make atwar great again
From Ideas and suggestions forums, we found two strange ideas for atWar, we talk about "trade countries" possibility(cascaval's idea), and "Loans"(Neptunia64)
Trading countries? Sounds like good addition to the game itself, could change gameplay a lot, but, community didn't agree on this suggestion. Part of community agreed to this idea, but part of community found it very unfair, good example is player Waffel:
Napisano przez Waffel, 04.08.2017 at 16:42

Yeahh seems fair. Lets give a player, who just died in Western Europe, russia for his ireland, and ukraine for his portugal!!!! So the game can go on again.

When we talk about Game strategy and tips forums, we must agree that the best game guide of this week is Ancient map guide (KT west) (made by  Dark Magic Lord).
These are the introduction words from maker of this guide:
Napisano przez RaulPB, 03.08.2017 at 13:41

This is one of the most successful custom maps made up to this time, created by Avatar with the collaboration from Killingforfun. It even created a player base which became very known at its peak of popularity. At the time, you could see at least one Ancient game for many hours on a road.

Republic of Rome is forum game, where players that choose to play run as Roman Senators. They decide who to battle, who will command Roman troops, which amount of troops will Rome build or disband every turn. It is mixture of political game, where you want to get as much power for yourself, or your faction, and strategy game, where, even enemies between each other, senators need to agree, to expand Rome, and survive turns. Turn four goes in game, but you can still join, just contact game host or post on topic itself. You want to become Roman dictator? Or you want to make your family rich, and be governor? Come and play Republic of Rome! 
And the last, but not the least important, we will present you the "Republic of Rome #2"(by Aetius), forum game.

"Rome has recently emerged as the leading city-state in the Italian Peninsula, a wealthy, powerful, expansionist republic with a successful citizen army.  Over the past one hundred years, Rome has come into conflict, and defeated rivals on the Italian peninsula, then incorporated them into the Roman political world. First the Latin League was forcibly dissolved during the Latin War,  then the power of the Samnites was broken during the three prolonged Samnite wars,  and then the Greek cities of Magna Graecia (southern Italy) submitted to Roman power at the conclusion of the Pyrrhic War  By the beginning of the First Punic War, the Romans have secured the whole of the Italian peninsula, except Gallia Cisalpina in the Po Valley."

This is a comedic video created by Witch Doctor mocking current allegations around him, this is in no way meant to insult anyone and should not be taken too seriously. Enjoy, it's definitely one of the better Hitler atWar parody videos.

Tournament Update
The 1v1 5k Tournament has begun. Each player must play their games by 9:00pm GMT, Sunday, August 13th. Please PR Wheelo with your results, showing a screenshot of the victory. The live tournament bracket can be found here which includes live updates: http://challonge.com/kpkifbwm
Good luck to all participants!

Content Creator: Pavel, Wheelo, Witch Doctor
Editing: Darkmace

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